Every love story is amazing but mine is my favorite.  Let’s go back to when I was fourteen years old.  I lived in Queens, New York with my parents and three brothers.  My parents decided to move to Hackensack, New Jersey.  I was just finished with middle school entering high school that September 2000.  I was upset at first but I had no option but to move I was worry about making new friends and being the new girl in school.  After moving to Hackensack, New Jersey at first it was very lonely nothing like living in NY.  After a few weeks being there trying to adapt to the neighborhood one day I had a young guy by the name of Miguel screaming out my name in front of my house.  When I went to the window  I approached him “who are you?” he said, “I am your next door neighbor I was told this good looking girl moved here and I wanted to see you”.   Since, that day we spoke a few times through our window, then by phone.  My parents were very strict since I was there only daughter.  My parents made it almost impossible for us to even be able to talk to each other.  They thought I was too young to date.  I would always say love does not have an age to it.  It wasn’t until our freshmen year orientation when he asked me out.   Two years later I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew it would be hard but we will be great parents.  We decided to have our second child six years later.   We been threw good and bad times but our love will never fade.  Even though we were young parents we still continued our education I am currently continuing my education in nursing and Miguel will be graduating May 2015 with a Bachelors in Biology to continue Medical school.  After dating for fourteen years it was September 2014 when we decided to start our wedding planning.  It’s amazing how we started as just teens, next door neighbor, high school lovers, to two loving and caring parents to now having god join us as one.  Our wedding date is August 9, 2015 that day is our fifteen year anniversary date.  Below is our save the date picture with both of our kids.  #teamhernandez#est2000#2015wedding#