Our love story all began back in 2000 at Arts & Business High school, I was sitting in my first period class day one of the school year and in walks in David and his friends 20 minutes late to class laughing and not caring that the teacher scolded him. From then on i knew he would be the trouble maker. I myself was always a good student who didn't have many friends and usually kept to myself. I never thought David would want to talk to a girl like me but by the second week of school he would always find his way to sit next to me in class. At first I thought it was to cheat off of me but then he asked me what i was doing after school, my parents were very strict at the time so I had to lie and say I was staying after school to work on a project. David took me to the movies after school that day and I haven't been to the movies without him since then. We spent our four years of high school falling in love with each other and spending all of our time together. Right before prom I was very nervous because I knew i would need to introduce him to my strict parents, to my surprise they loved him and still do. He proposed to me at the same movie theater in Whitestone that he first took me to on our first date. I can't wait to spend the beginning of forever with him and have our dream wedding come true.


Love Nicole